9 hacks through hashtags that will superpower​ your Instagram reach

Instagram super power

Are you finding it hard to reach the right Instagram audience?

#fashion #travel #beauty #fitness #food

Do you really think these hashtags can give you a great reach?

Think again!

What difference are you creating to stay in the minds of your audience.

Today’s audience wants personalization. And with personalization comes great responsibility.

You not only need to make things available but also make sure they do not have to do much of homework.

Think by putting yourself in the shoes of your Instagram audience.

How frustrating it can be when you are looking for #bridalwear and find everything except for bridal wear.

And imagine how easier it could be, if with just 1-2 hashtag your business is visible to your audience. And making their life considerably unchallenging.

In a way when they are in need of you, you are readily available. May it be a product or a service or an advice.

Audience behaviour and internet both are changing as fast as the economy of a country like India.

And Top brands who are ruling since decades already know the power of Instagram & its hashtag well.

So what about your business? Your business has a great potential to reach the right audience provided, you know how to play the game well.

Below I have detailed some tips that can help you skyrocket your Instagram game. All you need to do is, to keep experimenting and make the right decision for marketing your brand.

Use niche hashtags. 

The harsh truth about hashtags. Don’t be too generic. 

#fashion #travel #beauty #fitness 

These hashtags can make your post lost among the million Instagram users that are using the same generic hashtags.

In today’s time when 80% of users follow 1 company to the minimum. There is a huge chance of your content not showing up to your target audience.

Your hashtag should be as niche as possible.

These hashtag conveys that you are well searched.

Make yourself available through the right tags and let the end user find you rather than you going behind them by using as many hashtags as possible.

Just how you find yourself stuck in Indian traffic signal, where everyone is in a rush to reach their destination 

When it’s clear obeying the rules can save each one to be served better. 

Use hashtags that are relevant to your business

Do not get greedy for getting more followers. Using irrelevant hashtags might give you follower for a time but cannot fulfill your prime goal which is to increase your sale. You would likely get accurate audience if you use the relevant keywords for the products or service that you sell.

Tips: Create small hashtags with your brand name which your customers can remember.

Using the right amount of hashtags

Instagram allows only 30 hashtags per post.

 According to  an analysis by TrackMaven, posts with 9 hashtags gives the maximum reach. 

But still I feel being greedy is SOMETIMES fine. 

You can use up to 25 hashtags when you are new to Instagram and you are in need to use the best possible method to increase your reach.

Create your own branded hashtags

Let people search you through your branded hashtag

Play it, by creating a UGC (user generated content) and make the user use your brand hashtag when they use your product.

According to brand watch, 70% of the hashtags companies use are branded.

These help them in generating more loyal fans for their brand.

Do not swear off to the popular hashtags 

#ootd #instafashion #igers #potd #instafitness and many more.

Using 1-2 of these in your content is still a cool strategy but using all of them is a killer for your brand.

These hashtags are already crowded with users who are new to the game.

So, now the choice is yours if you want to be an experienced player or want to play it safe.

Tip: Use hashtags which are very niche to your business which might not have much public posts but ensure that it reaches the right audience.

Use hashtags which gives meaning to your post

The only one way to get value through social media is doing things meaningfully.

Brands in a verge to get the maximum reach sometimes use as many hashtags possible.

But we must learn this as early as possible. 

Hashtags are not meant to be without a purpose. Everything you do should carry a deep reason of you choosing a particular thing.

Hide hashtags

We as humans, sometimes have a tendency to do things but not come in the limelight.

Although we use hashtags, but we do not want those hashtags to be seen.

The best way to hide those hashtags is by posting it in the comment section.

You should start by posting it in dots so that it creates an option to hide it in the click to more option.

Do not Experiment with emoji hashtags

Emoji might seem to you like adding life to your black and white text but it’s a Big NO when it comes to hashtags. It looks unprofessional and doesn’t even get you the reach it requires. 

Do not buy followers.

Instagram is all about patience & smart work. 

And We always have a tendency to look for shortcuts that can get fast results.

Buying followers is a short win process. 

It will neither give you engagement nor a sale.

The audience knows it well, when brands have huge followers but no engagement.

Be as authentic as possible and do not play with the credibility of your brand.

Below, I have curated a list of trendy hashtags for Popular industries that can give you an idea of how trendy your hashtag can be:

P.s: these are just for reference, and it’s advisable to curate your own hashtag.


#wanderlust #goexplore #lovetotravel #adventureseeker #travellife #travelgram #traveladdict #exploretocreate #getaway #adventureislife #nomads #seekmoments #solotravel


#fashionaddict #fashiondiaries #ootd #ootn #streetstylefashion #lookbook #trendy #whatiwore #trendalert #menstyle #fashiondaily #fashionista #fashiongram 

For photography

#weddingphotographer #teamnikon #freelensing #igers #picoftheday #instafocus #photoshop #cityescape #aesthetics #wanderlust #HDR #visuals #viewpoint #fatalframes #streetart #symmetry #travelblogger #monogram #urbanphoto #earthpix reflectiongram 

For blogger

#ontheblog #theblogissue #fbloggers #fashionblog #beautyblog #foodblog #nailstagram #Instanails #writerscommunity #wordgasm 

For food

#foodporn #foodgasm #buzzfeast #feedfeed #Igfood #f52grams #whatsfordinner #cheatmeal #italianstyle #ilovesushi #govegan #foodstagram #goodeats #igfood #instayum #foodism

The hashtag Guidance – 

Travel Could be used along with the place you visit (ex: #Indiandiaries, #parisdiaries, #parisfashion, #parisfood Etc.). 

It could be of the objects around you (Ex: #nature, #beach, #sky)

It could about what you are doing. (Ex: #lazing, #swimming)

It could be Instagram hashtags (Ex: #instadaily, #instafashion)

It could be about describing the moment. (Ex: #crazy, #yum).


Instagram is all about trial & learn process.

In other words, start putting content continuously and then decide what works and what doesnot.

Watch how another business is doing in its profile, how are they putting their branded content to the audience, what kind of hashtag they use, whats their motto behind using any particular style and generate one for yourself.

It’s damn easy. You just you need to have patience and take examples from brand who have already pioneered the digital world and create one for your brand.