6 Free tools for marketing small or medium-sized business

online marketing tools for businesses
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online marketing tools for businesses

Marketing small or medium-sized business has been always challenging

Not every business have unlimited funds for marketing.

And especially, when it’s marketing small or medium-sized business, where funds are self-invested, endless spending in marketing might not be reliable.

For marketing you do not need to break your bank balance, rather you can utilize these free marketing tools for your business benefits.

You​ might have an amazing product in the ​store, but if people are not aware of your brand, it won’t be easy to sell.

A good marketing campaign is probably going to cost you money, but every attribute of it does not behave the same.

when it comes to free marketing tools, you have nothing to lose, except for 1-2 hour of your time and some extra learnings apart from selling your product.

These days marketing is more lucrative and fun if you know these free tools and its proper usage.

So, below I have come up with 6 free tools for marketing small or medium-sized business which will help in growing brands.


  1. Marketing small or medium-sized business through Search engine optimization (SEO)

marketing small or medium-sized business through Search engine

You must have noticed that our habits for doing things or taking a decision have changed.

Previously, we use to wait for an expert opinion on taking a choice or decision. But now, digitalization has made us self-deciders

Now, we can take all of our decision from small to big by searching for the available trend over the internet.


 No decisions are too small for today’s consumer.


And searches are not just for big items like television or cars, but also for daily usable items like “best moisturizers for winters” or “best water bottles”.

It might have also happened with you, when you are searching for a particular product, you get suggestions from search engines about its availability in a local shop nearby, along with the business contact number and location.

Do you know how is that possible for your business?

Getting listed in Google (SEO) that too in the first page of a search engine is the first step that would help you in creating your brand awareness.

So next time, when people search for a product on the internet, which is available at your store, the search engine provides your brand suggestion.

A brand suggestion in search engines adds trust and awareness about business which helps you in getting in your idle customer

Thinking, how can you do the same for your business?

Well, You can do the same by getting your business listed with Google for free by clicking the following link here.


  1. Mail chimp

marketing small or medium-sized business through mail chimp

Email marketing has never been so fun and easy for marketing small or medium-sized business.

Email marketing tools have made it easier to send personalized emails that too in the specified time that you want to send.

You must also be getting regular personalized updates in the mailbox, with your name on it from your favourite online store about the latest collection or changes in their store.

Did you know you can do the same with your consumer that too for free?

Yes! with this free email marketing tool you can send personalized emails and set your preference for sending emails

It must be possible that you have a regular update on your product or have new offers or gift coupons for your loyal customers

Updating your products to your consumers regularly might involve a hefty task as one get stucks in sending one by one

But email marketing through mail chimp, lets you send your personalized messages without much hassle, that too to a large audience at a go.

If you want to get this amazing tool for updating your subscribers about your latest offering you can create a free account here.


  1. Social media

Social media, the most lucrative tool in marketing small or medium-sized business with the richness of platforms it provides for business

stats social media marketing

Internet users along with the social media users are growing at a fast pace, thereby creating an amazing platform for business to market their business.

According to research, only 13% of small businesses use social media for communication with customers, not knowing of the proper platforms to market their businesses.

With growing internet and social media users, sharing or referring an article about a product or idea has become a trend in today’s time.

And especially, when your product is good, there are chances that your posts get shared by your friends of friends and you receive an enquiry from a place, that you didn’t expect.

To verify the results, I studied the trend of social media and found that 90% of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, and 75% say they’ve increased traffic

So, here is a list of social media platforms which you can use according to your business layout and generate excellent sales for your business.


  1. Guest posts

Guest posts are another effective platform for marketing small or medium-sized business which helps in increasing brand visibility and awareness among its consumers.

You must have observed while looking for a recommendation, we get suggestions from people who have knowledge in that particular domain, where they guide us through a solution according to their knowledge.

Guests post helps in marketing small or medium-sized business by engaging business with its consumers and creating awareness about its brand by helping the consumer with the decision process.

Here, is a list of 50+ quality blogs who allows for guest posting which you can use for business.


  1. Canva

Every business needs recognition.

Recognition adds value and trust to your business which helps the consumer in recalling your brand.

Canva has made it easier for marketing small or medium-sized business by creating free logos and cool graphics for their business to showcase their exclusivity, without a need for much technical knowledge

Through canva, you can make free logos and posters for your business and run effective campaigns.

Canva has templates which can be effectively used with a minimal editing, thereby making it easier for you to make a newsletter or promotional content for your business.

For getting started, you can use the following link to create effective posters or logo for your business by clicking here.


  1. Survey Monkey

Just fulfilment of client order is not enough for a business to survive.

There has to be a two-way process, where you just do not fulfil the orders of your customer, but also get feedback about your product or service.

marketing small or medium-sized business through feedbacks

Getting feedbacks have always given positive results, by letting know the flaws and taking corrective action for the same

A good review for your business adds a credibility, especially when people search for it on the internet, making it easier for you to sale.

We too know that reading reviews before taking any decision is really empowering.

From ordering a food at a restaurant to purchasing a new appliance for our small apartment, the consumer reviews play a critical role in purchase decisions.

If you haven’t started taking feedbacks which is actually a way to serve better to your customers, then it’s never too late to start with it and see the effective results for your business.

You can create an account with survey monkey by clicking the link here and track the reviews for your product and use it for generating sales.


Final thoughts

While, thereby might be a lot of platforms available, in which you can marketing small or medium-sized business, but the best ones would be one which gets fits to your business and help in increasing your sale.

Marketing has always increased sales for businesses, whether it is a small or medium sized business

And when there are free tools available which can give greater results to your business, why not try and see the results for further action or investment.

These marketing tools are user-friendly, cost-effective, increase sales etc.

Apply these tools to your business for a month and see an increase in the sale with maximum reach to your audience.

If there are some other tools which have given good results to your business which you would like to share with our audience, do let us know in the comment section below. 

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